Making A Start: Pilot

All new relationships start with a pilot campaign. A ‘proof of concept’ campaign to assess the viability of a longer-term partnership. Your pilot campaign can start at relatively short notice; usually in a matter of weeks.

  • Test the quality of different lists and data sources.
  • Test the product positioning, the approach and call guide we are using.
  • Establish key metrics and set realistic benchmarks and expectations

Long-Term Programme: Ongoing

Most clients follow a pilot with an ongoing programme of activity. Benefits of this include our ability to:

  • Manage a high volume of data from a variety of sources
  • Understand and promote a large portion of your product portfolio
  • Nurture potential customers until they are ready for sales interaction
  • Conduct research to find new prospects and keep your pipeline strong
  • Establish relationships with your sales team
  • Work directly on your CRM where practicable

Short-Term Programme: Tactical

One of the main benefits of using Voicentric is our ability to start campaigns quickly. Tactical campaigns are short-term projects with a specific focus:

  • New product introduction
  • Specific vertical market, geography, product group or application
  • Install base re-engagement
  • Voice of customer
  • Special promotions
  • Event invites
  • Webinar follow-up