A Personalised Approach

The best outcomes result from a two-way conversation, not an interview or a scripted monologue.

  • We ask open questions to encourage scientists to talk about their work, lab setups, pain points and ‘wish-lists’.
  • We probe for reactions to the value proposition, aligning the features and benefits of products with customer challenges and allowing them to picture the technology we’re promoting as part of their workflow.
  • If people need time to read product literature or discuss with colleagues, we are able to nurture their interest over time.
  • We use call guides – resources that callers can use as a point of reference, rather than scripts to be adhered to.
  • Callers adapt to the flow of the conversation and consequently, sound credible and are able to react appropriately.

Bespoke Reporting And Detailed Notes

We understand the importance of high quality data.

  • We will work with you to create a bespoke report to display trends and provide insight into your areas of interest, be that competitor profiling, list quality, geographical trends or anything else.
  • We capture great depth and quality of information, in order to provide sales reps as much pertinent information as possible for their follow-up.

Sales Team Support And CRM Integration

We recognise the importance of ensuring sales teams understand our purpose and trust the quality of our leads.

  • If sales people are struggling to reconnect, we are happy to reach out to the customer again with a view to re-igniting the conversation.
  • We ask customers for the best time for reps to follow-up.
  • Where practicable we can arrange appointments, copying reps into confirmation emails.
  • We can work directly in your CRM, saving you the hassle of uploading results and giving a direct line to the sales team – the sooner reps receive qualified leads in their queue, the more seamless the follow-up process.