About Voicentric

Voicentric is a specialist in Personal Direct Communication and gives a global reach to clients in the Life and Material Sciences to develop and manage a sales pipeline, and in the process obtain market intelligence, acquire new contacts, and generate detailed reports.

We provide our clients with a global reach to communicate with scientists all over the world. We are a multi-lingual, multi-cultural organisation, and know how to speak to people; engaging intelligently, sensitively and effectively with potential buyers.

The sales pipeline can be lengthy in this sector. Potential customers need to be first identified, then approached with the value proposition and nurtured over time before the sale completes. Voicentric can be involved at any or all of the stages in the process.

Our expertise lies in Life Sciences and Material Sciences. We work with the technologies operated in both Research and Industry. We understand the challenges of communicating sensitively yet effectively in this space.

Voicentric supplies clients with an extensive suite of reports based on our funnel concept. This provides detailed information on all contacts, profile information obtained, responses to Value Propositions, data cleansed and new contacts found. Sales leads are typically fast tracked to clients the same day or by agreement with very detailed notes.

Voicentric uses a wide variety of data sources, including client providing data, installation lists, purchased lists. In addition, we add to data by undertaking research from published sources to identify new potentially interested parties. We have developed high performance data systems to target opportunities, reduce wasteful calling and eliminate un-necessary cost.