Are you telemarketers?

We describe what we do as ‘intelligent telemarketing’. We contact people by phone but we don’t stick rigidly to scripts. Our callers are intelligent and well trained on the products they are marketing.

For more information on our unique approach see ‘Doing things differently

What makes you different?

Many things set us apart – our long experience in the sector, the intelligence and independence of our teams, our language capabilities and our unique approach.

For more information see ‘About us’ and ‘Doing things differently

Who are your clients?

Our clients are mostly in the Life and Material Sciences sector. We’ve been working in this field since 2003 and have considerable experience in what works and what doesn’t. We also work with healthcare and software companies.

Why do clients use Voicentric rather than run projects in-house?

Many reasons, but here are three to start with. We already have staff in place, so we can start campaigns very quickly. We have 15+ years of experience so we understand how to make telemarketing work effectively. We are able to provide callers fluent in native languages.

How do you contact people?

Initial conversations are best conducted by phone. We then often follow up with emails and further phone calls to fully qualify a person’s interest.

Do you do sales?

The bulk of our work is marketing, nurturing and lead generation. We generate and qualify the interest and pass leads to your sales team. Some of our projects go further into the sales pipeline, including needs analysis and product demonstrations. Let us know your ideas…

Where are you based?

Our offices are in Durham, UK. We are based here to take advantage of the talent pool from the world-class Durham University.

Are you all scientists?

No. Many of us are, and we have in-house scientists responsible for understanding your products and training our teams. The main prerequisite of successful telemarketing is the ability to communicate effectively. With that in mind, we employ outstanding communicators who are also highly intelligent and quick learners; so they’re able to understand and communicate your products effectively.

Running a project

What results can I expect from my project?

Every project we do is unique, so we are not in the habit of providing guarantees. That’s why we start with a pilot campaign– to understand what works and to set expectations for a longer relationship. If things aren’t working, you can end the project at any time and only pay for the work we’ve done to that date.

How much do you charge?

Our charges vary based on the type and scale of project you want to run. Please get in touch here to discuss your requirements.

Do you comply with GDPR?

Yes, we are fully GDPR compliant and have extensive security and data protection measures in place.

Do I need calling lists?

Not necessarily – we can conduct research to find new prospects as part of the project.

How quickly can you start a project?

Very quickly. Once an agreement is signed, we can start within a matter of weeks.

Can you call in local languages?

For projects calling primarily or exclusively into non-English speaking countries, we can provide native speakers (French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese).

Is there anywhere you don’t call?

Not really – we call globally, including APAC and emerging markets.

What if things aren’t working out?

You can pull out of a project at any stage and you’ll only pay for the work we’ve done to that date. We’re confident this won’t happen, but you have that safety-net.

Can we visit your offices?

Of course – come and see us in action! We can also come see you if that’s more convenient.


Applying to work here

Do you have any vacancies?

We’re always interested to hear from potential applicants. Because we employ a lot of students we have quite a high turnover, meaning we aim to keep our applicant pool up to date. If you’d be interested in working at Voicentric, please visit our jobs page.