Our Niche

Decades of combined experience in marketing products in the life and material science sectors.

  • We understand how scientists think, what they respond to and the key ingredients for productive conversations
  • We know how to unlock scientists’ curiosity and encourage them to discuss their projects, existing technologies, challenges and aspirations
  • We conduct intelligent, informative conversations based on a foundation of trust – the customer usually does most of the talking
  • While our core focus is in life and materials sciences, we also work in other sectors including healthcare, scientific publishing and software.

Our Employee Profile

Our workforce is made up of highly gifted communicators.

  • Most of our team have a connection with Durham University (consistently ranked in the top 5 in the UK)
  • Intelligent people with outstanding communication skills, able to absorb complex information and communicate it concisely and believably
  • We call a global audience – North America, Europe, APAC, the Middle East and South America
  • Native linguists are available for non-English speaking countries including Germany, France, China, Italy and Spain

Training And Coaching

Our clients’ products and the technology that underpins them are often complex. It is crucial that our teams understand the technology they are calling about.

  • Our team of scientists’ role is to understand your products, the audiences they are aimed at and how to best to position them as viable solutions
  • Teams receive significant background training on your products in order to sound credible, hold the interest of scientists, and understand the responses from the people they speak with
  • Ongoing coaching is provided throughout the campaign to continually improve the quality of our conversations and notes